Get That Look • The Notebook: Dancing In the Streets

Get That Look!
Styled by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Welcome to my very first “Get That Look” post! In each post in this series, I will be piecing together an outfit from various closets on Poshmark, each inspired by an iconic look from tv shows and movies I enjoy. Typically, there will be more than one inspiring look from any given show or movie, so I’ll put together a handful of outfits over the course of a few posts.

Inspiration: The Notebook

“You’re not supposed to dance in the street.”

My first inspiration, and what kind of set me off on this project in the first place, is one of my all time favorite stories… The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks! I have spent many, many days living in a world written by Nicholas Sparks. In fact, I’ve read 14 of his 20 books, and watched most of the movies as well. They are all great stories, but the Notebook is, by far, my favorite! You know how people say “Never judge a book by its movie?” Well I am here to tell you it is a wonderful idea to judge this book by its movie! It is a great, romantically steamy movie. I suggest watching it, and then reading the book, as soon as you’re done reading this post! Tomorrow is Friday, so why not start a new book to enjoy over the weekend?

Now that I’ve explained my inspiration, let’s get down to the look itself. Clearly this look was inspired by the Notebook and more specifically the scene where Noah is wooing Allie by slow dancing with her in the middle of the street. Allie is wearing a black floral print dress with red detail, a red cardigan, and black wedge heels that tie around her ankle like ballerina shoes. Is it just me or does Allie (Rachel McAdams) just look stunning in every scene?

From the closet @adamov, this NWT black dress by LOFT has a white floral pattern with just a hint of pink. Not only is this dress just as beautiful as Allie’s but it also has pockets! Available from this closet in a size 0.

And just in case there was a chill in the air and some fella didn’t offer Allie his jacket to stay warm, she paired her dress with a red cardigan which I think will compliment that hint of pink in the dress I’ve chosen quite wonderfully. This red button up cardigan is from the closet @txqualitycloset and is NWOT by Banana Republic in a size XSP.

Lastly, Allie finishes this look with black wedge heels that tie up her ankle like ballerina slippers. I found a similar look from the closet @lucyloo47. These Calvin Klein lace up, open toe heels finish this inspired look quite well and are available from this closet in a size 7.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my first Get That Look! post, let me know what you think!

Find my closet on Poshmark, @AntiquamRenoPM.


One thought on “Get That Look • The Notebook: Dancing In the Streets

  1. Love it! And now I want to read the book and watch the movie again! And find the look! I need a Red cardigan! I may have a dress much like that!❤️
    I love this idea! I can’t wait to see which one you choose next! Will you choose Noah or any other of Sparks leading men😉


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