Get That Look • Grey’s Anatomy: Turnaround Bright Eyes

Get That Look
Styled by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Grey’s Anatomy

“I love everything about you. Even the parts I don’t like, I love, and I want you with me.”

-Jackson Avery

April’s wedding gown is truly breathtaking. From the sheer neckline to the floral lace detailed bodice, her wedding dress is my favorite out of all the Grey’s weddings. Today’s Get That Look! Is inspired by April and Matthew’s wedding day… the original one that is. All episode we see April scrambling, preparing for the wedding, wrangling bridesmaids, and just dealing with the general drama that comes with a day in the life of a Grey’s Anatomy character. She’s stressed, and looks the part, but finally everything comes together and we get to see the end result of all her labor:

To get the look of April’s sheer neckline, I have chosen this H&M sleeveless top with a sheer and lace neckline from the closet @marci_style. Available in a size M.

My favorite part of April’s dress is the lace that gradually goes up to her shoulder. To get this look, I have chosen these butterfly pins from the closet @nothymetospare. I chose butterflies rather than flowers because April had planned for a butterfly release at the end of her ceremony. I imagine these pins being worn largest to smallest going up to the shoulder.

Let’s not forget April’s simple pearl earrings. From the closet @hellokittymiko I have chosen these simple pearl stud earrings.

Since we can’t always be walking around in a full blown wedding gown I chose a classic white skirt by the brand The Limited. Available in a size 10 from the closet @mjlund8 .

And as usual, lastly we have the shoes. For April’s Get That Look! I have chosen these vintage white heels that have a lace cap toe. The closet @pinkiosk has these beauties in a size 7.5.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my third Get That Look! Grey’s Anatomy. Let me know what you think in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for the final Grey’s post.

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