Get That Look • Boy Meets World: Topanga’s Like Totally Strange

Get That Look
Styled by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Boy Meets World

“Strange is in the eye of the beholder Mr. Matthews…” – Mr. George Feeny



In Season 1, Episode 4, Cory is paired with Topanga for a class project. He tries his best to convince Mr. Feeny to reconsider, but Feeny is not about to make the mistake of letting him be Shawn’s partner again, so he is stuck with “totally strange” Topanga. For their assigned report, Topanga tries to convince Cory to use performance art as seen in the GIF above.

In this scene Topanga is wearing her ivory lace dress over a black camisole and black pants with her hair crimped and a large blue flower choker, and let’s not forget her black lace up boots. This scene has always been one of my favorite Topanga scenes and I know I am not alone given that in later seasons the show gives a shout out to it again.

To get Topanga’s look from season one, we first have to crimp our hair! If you don’t have a crimper, do not worry, we found one just for you from the closet @abby_myers.

For Topanga’s classic ivory lace dress, I have chosen this long sleeve Free People dress from the closet @graycat_co. Don’t forget to add a black camisole underneath, you can get a four pack of camisoles from the closet @bbbeauty_3. Both are available in a size M.

I will be completely honest and say I was very nervous I would not find a choker that looks anything like Topanga’s but I am excited to say I have and it is from the closet @lesleys2closet! It is velvet with a large navy blue flower just like Topanga’s!

For Topanga’s black pants I chose these black Paige Jeans from the closet @christie_s_77, available in size 27.

And lastly, to match Topanga’s shoes I have chosen from the closet @mariak07, these size 8.5, Candie’s black lace up army boots.

Now hold on! We have to remember to have red lipstick on hand for when we break out our performance art and show our lovely faces some love with a heart! From the closet @itsme1900s this Urban Decay Vice lipstick is available in a convenient travel size.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my second post for Get That Look: Boy Meets World! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Note: If you follow us on Instagram and have an eye for detail, you may have noticed a few of our choices changed between our teaser and our post. We are happy to say that those items sold between the time we posted the teaser and the time we were going to post the full look, so we picked new items for you!


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