Get That Look • Boy Meets World: I Married A Moose

Get That Look
Styled by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Boy Meets World

“We don’t need counseling.”

bmw moose gif

“Mr. Matthews?” – Mr. Feeny
“Mr. Squirrels.”
“Eric?” – Cory
“Plays with.”

Oh yes, I just had to do a Get That Look for Plays With Squirrels! Can you blame me? It is THE iconic Eric scene, is it not? I love Boy Meets World so much I think just about every scene is THE scene so forgive me if I am wrong. Anyway, this episode takes us to a “what if” time where Eric Matthews Plays with Squirrels arrives to a celebration in honor of Mr. Feeny. He walks in to see that all of his college friends and even his brother have in fact stayed adrift from each other after their fight that started years and years ago all because Shawn parked in Rachel’s spot. Mr. Squirrels is wearing a cream colored top with a gray cardigan, tan pants, brown shoes, and, of course, his lollipop necklace!

To get Eric, errr, I mean Plays With’s look I have picked out this tan long sleeve tunic top from the closet @enticingcloset. It is available in size M.

bmw eric shirt

Mr. Squirrels has layered his clothing with an open gray cardigan so I have chosen this simple and comfy sweater from @le01982.

bmw eric cardigan

These Soft Surroundings drawstring weekend pants have plenty of pockets for Plays With Squirrels to keep snacks for his nut loving friends, available in size M from the closet @catwalkrags.

bmw eric pants

And being married to a moose must include a lot of walking so these comfortable Naturalized shoes should make our feet happy while trying to keep up with our four hoofed friends. Available from the closet @slavco in a size 8.5.

bmw eric shoes

The complete…… STOP!


Can you believe we almost forgot the key piece to our look for Mr. Squirrels!? Have no fear, I found this Simone Smith crystal lollipop necklace from the closet @nurse4673 that is sure to bring this look together! Be sure to hide it under your beard for safe snacking keeping.

bmw eric necklace

The complete look:

bmw eric complete

I hope you liked my final post for Get That Look: Boy Meets World! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Find my closet on Poshmark @antiquamrenopm! First time using the Poshmark app? Use the referral code ANTIQUAMRENOPM for $5 off your first order from any closet!


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