Renew The Old • Home Decor: Vase Facelift

Renew the Old
Bringing new life and color to ordinary or old home items.

Thanks for joining me again as I start up a new series for Antiquam Renovare – “Renew The Old” In this series, I’ll be highlighting projects which, you guessed it, renew or restore old things. These could be small craft projects, or larger scale restorations – whatever it is that I’m working on at the moment!

Today I took a plain-jane vase I bought from the dollar store a while ago and gave it a colorful new look.

The supplies:

-Hot Glue Gun ($4)

-Hot Glue Sticks ($6 for a pack of 100)

-Vase ($1)

-Pompoms on clearance $1.20 per pack x 8 packs (2 rainbow, 6 solid colors).

~Originally $3.99 per pack, a savings of $22.32

***Total: $9.60 ($20.60 if I had to buy everything just for this project)***

How to start:

The first step is rather obvious, plug in your glue gun! From there, I decided it would be easiest to start at the base of the vase and work my way up. I chose to do a layer of rainbow pompoms at the bottom to tie the whole look together. To attach the pompoms, I just put about a pencil eraser sized amount of hot glue on the pompom and placed it at the base. Make sure it does not hang over the bottom of the vase or your vase will not sit flat and may fall over.

From there I went around the entire vase with rainbow poms and then I placed purple pompoms right above and between the rainbow poms to fill any empty spaces between the layers. I continued this with each color from purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to pink and lastly to my rainbow pom poms again. I thought about doing a second layer of the rainbow poms to hang over the rim so that it wouldn’t be visible at all but I thought that would make it more difficult to keep clean after placing flowers in the vase.

The complete facelift:

This first Renew the Old post is super simple but I thought it would be a good way to introduce a new category of blog posts. I hope you find something to renew and add a splash of color to this week! I would love to see your pompom facelift projects so send the pictures on over or be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquamrenovare!

Look for my NEW Get That Look tomorrow!

P.s. Knock Knock. . .

“Who’s there?”

Interrupting dog!


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