Get That Look • Rugrats: I Don’t Have That Much Time, Angelica

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Rugrats

“I have to take my afternoon nap.”

rugrats tommy chuckie hug gif.gif

Today’s Get That Look! is all about Tommy Pickles’ very bestest friend Chuckie Finster! Chuckie is well known for his crazy red hair and purple square glasses and, of course, his incredible understanding of life at such a young age.

Along with his glasses Chuckie is always wearing his blue shirt with the planet Saturn on it, green shorts with little squiggles on them, and red tennis shoes with yellow socks.

Let’s start with Chuckie’s shirt. I found this replica of the blue Saturn shirt from the closet @revolving_store in a size M. I almost felt like choosing this listing was cheating because it is a legit copy of Chuckie’s shirt, but Poshmark is amazing app that has every piece of clothing you could ever want so I decided to go with it!

Now this shirt is missing the red collar and red on the sleeves so I like the idea of adding this sweater underneath to achieve the red collar. This is available in a size M from the closet @eeedith.

Now let’s move on to Chuckie’s shorts! I couldn’t find shorts exactly like Chuckie’s, but I actually like that they aren’t an exact match since the shirt is. From the closet @periwinkleposh, these Laundry by Shelli Segal “Lime Punch” shorts add just a touch of spunk to our look, which we need since more than likely you don’t have Chuckie’s eye catching hair. Available in a size 10.

Next we need socks and shoes. From the closet @nikkiwallflower, I have chosen these yellow Urban Outfitters socks. They are long socks so that allows them to scrunch down at our ankles just like Chuckie’s .

and from the closet @onuna in a size 8, these Big Bridge bright red sneakers resemble Chuckie’s incredibly well.

And lastly, I chose these square purple framed Juicy Couture sunglasses from the closet @los_clothes to complete the look.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my second post for Get That Look: Rugrats! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Find my closet on Poshmark @antiquamrenopm! First time using the Poshmark app? Use the referral code ANTIQUAMRENOPM for $5 off your first order from any closet!


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