Get That Look • How I Met Your Mother: What If We Break Up?

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM)

“What if you don’t?”

The last couple of Get That Look! series focused on some of my favorite TV shows from when I was a kid. This time, I’m going to focus on a show that was my favorite much more recently… How I Met Your Mother! My husband and I have watched this show all the way through probably a dozen times, and it has a special place in my heart. That said, let’s get down to our first look from this great show, Lily Aldrin.

It’s Season 5 Episode 18 “Say Cheese,” Lily is turning 32 and as always wants a photo of the group to remember it by… except, yet again, Ted has brought his “she may be the one” date. Lily is livid, Ted’s dates always ruin the photos and he can’t even remember their names, so she tries to capture the moment without his date. Ted calls her out for trying to leave his date out of the picture and reminds Lily that once upon a time she was that girl and ended up being Marshall’s “the one.”

And isn’t she so thankful they have that photo? Lily decides she was wrong and that his date has to be in the photo just in case she is really “the one” for Ted (spoiler alert: she wasn’t).

Today’s Get That Look is inspired by that first photo of Lily with Ted and Marshall. She is wearing a red plaid button down shirt over a long sleeve white shirt, a short denim skirt with black leggings, and stacked necklaces.

From the closet @nauticalcloset, this Forever 21 red plaid button down shirt is available in a size 2X and matches Lily’s almost identically!

Now just roll up those sleeves and add this long sleeve, white shirt from the closet @cocosnmanolo underneath it. Also available in the size 2X.

Next, from the closet @ltbboutique01, this Melrose and Market denim mini skirt is perfect for this look. Available in the size 18W.

Underneath Lily’s denim skirt she is wearing black leggings, similar to these from the closet

@ltrzos72. Available in the size 2X.

And the shoes! I didn’t spot what shoes Lily is wearing in this scene so I decided to guess! From the closet @shyleenshawn, I chose these Circus by Sam Edelman black, lace up combat boots with studded detail… I LOVE THESE! Available in the size 10W.

The final piece of Lily’s outfit is silver and black stacked necklaces. For this I like the idea of picking a variety of necklaces to make a unique stack so I picked four different necklaces!

From the closet @jnjdhall3535, I chose these two necklaces.

And from the closet @luzdivina777, I chose this cute little sterling silver wishbone necklace.

And for the last necklace, I picked this Betsy Johnson black rose necklace from the closet @mgraydon.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my first post for Get That Look: How I Met Your Mother! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Find my closet on Poshmark @antiquamrenopm! First time using the Poshmark app? Use the referral code ANTIQUAMRENOPM for $5 off your first order from any closet!

P.s. Did you catch the small detail I included in this look from Lily’s very first appearance in the pilot of HIMYM?


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