Get That Look • Non-Costume Halloween Outfits

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Today’s Get That Look post is not inspired by any movie or tv show or what have you, other than the American holiday Halloween. I have put together three looks that are Halloween inspired but are not costumes. Let’s get started!

First Look:

Let’s start with the top! From my own closet @antiquamrenopm, this Kendall & Kylies oversized white top features a skull wearing a flower headband. Available in the size XS.

I have paired this top with these black skinny jeans that feature beautiful floral embroidery from the closet @hillaryjay. Available in a size 8.

For the shoes I have chosen these super cute maroon red White Mountain boots from the closet @fontanacrystal. Available in a size 6.

And for the final touch, I picked these dangly leather feather earrings from the closet @lihend. I like that they bring out the feather on the skull’s headband on the shirt.

The first complete look:

Look Two:

Starting with the top again, I have chosen this skelton heart-shaped ribcage tank top from the closet @foundforyou. Available in the size M.

To bring out the gray of the ribcage, I have paired this shirt with these Cabi gray wash jeans from the closet @keepersthrownn. AvailabLe in a size 8.

From the closet @kadielamberth, I fell in love with these Steve Madden strappy black booties for this look. Available in a size 8.5.

Now let’s dress up this look with some jewelry! I went with gun metal for each piece and I absolutely love the way it complements the shades of gray and black in this look. From the closet @iheartjewelry23, these gun metal earrings are simply perfect to go with this charm necklace from the closet @baricd.


And lastly, this gun metal chain stacked bracelet completes the look. Available from the closet @msjulee.

The second complete look:

The Third & Final Look:

No skulls or ribs here, this look is all about the candy! From the closet @lindsaykaep, this Wildfox top screams “I WANT CANDY.” Available in the size L.

And again this look is all about the candy so these candy corn earrings are perfect! Available from the closet @tistheseason4u.

The next piece of jewelry for this look is an amazing vintage bib necklace entirely made out of tiny beads! Available from the closet @calender_girl. It is just so unique and cool, ugh I LOVE IT!

Okay, okay, I will move on from that amazing necklace and focus on the waist down! From the closet @nmnalty, I chose these LOFT pleather leggings. Available in a size L.

I wrapped up this look with these adorable “candy corn” vintage heels from the closet @maveinthemix. Available in a size 6.

The third complete look:

I hope you liked my post for Get That Look: Non-Costume Halloween Outfits! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Find my closet on Poshmark @antiquamrenopm! First time using the Poshmark app? Use the referral code ANTIQUAMRENOPM for $5 off your first order from any closet!


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