Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: I Didn’t Know The Rodeo Was In Town

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

“Alright, that’s it, I’m bringing the baby pictures.”

Oh yes, this new Get That Look series is covering my all-time favorite TV show, Gilmore Girls. I am obsessed, love-struck, amazed, inspired, and completely and totally a coffee obsessed fangirl of this wonderful, fast-talking, mother-daughter show. I’ve been looking forward to doing a Get That Look series on this for a while, so here we go!

In Season 1 Episode 2, “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton,” Rory had woken her mom up, who’s furry alarm clock failed to purr and wake her on time. Lorelai rushes around getting ready to take Rory to Chilton for her first day at the private school when she realizes, “Oh my god! I have no clean clothes!” And thus she wound up in a pink tie dye shirt, cut off jeans, cowgirl boots, and a long trench coat to try to hide it all. Unfortunately for the Lorelais’, they both have to go in to meet the headmaster… and Lorelai’s extremely proper mother, Emily, is there too. Lorelai’s less than proper look has inspired this Get That Look post.

For Lor’s top, I have chosen this pink tie dye shirt from the closet @wardobeartisan. Available in a size S.

Next, I have chosen these Levi’s cut off shorts from the closet @marianahdz. Available in size 29.

And to really bring the rodeo to town, I have paired this look with these Smoky Mountain Boots with blue and pink stitching from the closet @cassisackett. Available in a size 7.

Luckily Lorelai grabbed a long coat on the way out of the door with Rory’s baby pictures so she could try and hide her rodeo look because it came SO in handy when meeting the headmaster…only her mother insists she removes it at once.

“It’s laundry day…” Lorelai says hoping to gain a smidge of understanding. In case you share the need to cover your less than proper outfit, I have chosen this Liz Claiborne trench coat from the closet @juliecj100. Available in a size 8.

And the final touches of this look include Lorelai’s square stud diamond earrings, similar to these from the closet @dealergirl and a rectangle pendant necklace from the closet @sokmonkee.

The complete look:

I hope you liked my first post for Get That Look: Gilmore Girls! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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