Renew The Old • Crafting: Gilmore Girls – Just Because It’s Furry

Renew the Old Crafting
Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

A Note From Mom

I just posted my first Get That Look: Gilmore Girls last night and it inspired me to also do a Renew the Old Crafting post to go with Season 1 Episode 2, “The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton.”

The night before the big day, Lorelai is painting Rory’s toenails and talking to her about her first day, giving her advice and checking to see if she is nervous. It was a very sweet mother and daughter moment…

Fast forward to the morning when the two arrive at Chilton and are intimidated by the size of the school itself and it is clear that the nerves have kicked in. I imagine Lorelai gifting Rory a little taste of home with an encouraging note and that is were this craft comes in!

The supplies:

-Hot Glue Gun ($4)

-1 Hot Glue Sticks ($3 for a pack of 50) Pat Catan’s.

-1 Pompom (on clearance $1.20 per pack) Michael’s.

-Six Color Pen $1. Five Below.

-Girl Squad Scrapbook Paper ($2.99) Tuesday Morning.

-Glue Stick (10 pack for $2.50) Big Lots.

***Total: $1 ($14.49 if I had to buy everything just for this project)***

How to start:

Number one, plug in your glue gun! The first half of this project focuses on adding a pompom (left over from my other pompom projects) to the top of this six color pen. I am a ‘90s baby and back in the day these pens were my favorite! I have never seen one with so many color options before though. So to compliment the six colors I chose to add a rainbow pompom.

Now that the glue gun is heated up, apply a small amount to the top of the pen.

Now place the pom on the glue and apply slight pressure for a few seconds until the glue cools.

Set the pen aside, now it time for the second half of this craft, the cute note!

I found this super cute scrapbook paper at Tuesday Morning. Along with this paper I need a glue stick and scissors(not pictured). The first step for this half of the craft is picking your pieces of paper. I chose the pieces below and cut them to the size I wanted.

Next I used the glue to stick to apply glue on the edges and corners of the underside of the paper and then placed them together as I wanted.

And wrote a little encouraging note from Lorelai to Rory.

The complete project:

I originally wasn’t going to tie this craft to Gilmore Girls but then I thought it was very fitting to these two ladies. Lorelai is a very encouraging and supporting person for Rory so I decided to make this little note be to Rory from Lorelai and since we know Lorelai likes to buy things just because they are furry or fluffy or cute in general, I thought the pen was a nice touch.

I also like the idea of doing something like this for a coworker who has been promoted, a new hire at work, or for anyone who needs a little uplifting note.

I hope you liked this Renew The Old Crafting Gilmore Girls post! There will be many more to come because I just love this show so much!

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