Renew The Old • Crafting: Gilmore Girls – NO CELL PHONES

Renew the Old Crafting
Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

“No Cell Phones” Cell Phone Case

(Irony intended)

When you think of Luke’s Diner what are the first things you think of? For me its a few things: William’s Hardware, the classic yellow coffee cup sign, coffee, coffee, and more coffee, Luke Danes, and THE “No Cell Phones” sign. Today I am focusing on his “No Cell Phones” sign and giving my phone case a face lift.

The supplies:

-Modge Podge $1. Target.

Phone Case ($8). Amazon.

-Paint Brush ($1 pack of 5) Dollar Tree.

-No Cell Phones Sticker ($10 for 24 Stickers) Etsy.

***Total: $1 ($20 if I had to buy everything just for this project)***

How to start:

If you’re using your every day phone case, take it off of your phone (otherwise your phone is going to get very messy!) Then wipe it clean with a baby wipe or damp paper towel and allow to dry. Now gently peel the sticker off of the paper and gently apply it to the outside of your phone case. Be sure to push any air bubbles out from under the sticker! If you cannot get a bubble out use a sewing pin or needle to poke a tiny hole in the bubble and press the air out.

Now it is time to apply the modge podge. I started by putting a small amount on the scrap paper from the sticker. I then used my paint brush to very gently apply a thin layer of modge podge to the phone case, covering the whole surface. For the first coat I used vertical strokes to apply the modge podge.

After 15-20 minutes, the first layer has dried so I then applied a second layer with horizontal strokes. I chose to change which direction I applied the modge podge to make sure I covered it completely and securely.

And again, after 15-20 minutes the second coat was dry and I added one final coat to the case.

The completed case:

I absolutely love having this sticker on my case and I love the irony of it too! I often will flip my phone face down like this when I don’t want to be distracted by it – now that this sticker is on the back, I chuckle every time I do it. The modge podge does add a bit of a texture to the case but I personally don’t mind it.

If you are wondering about the coloring page from the cover photo it is from this coloring book and the artwork is by Danielle Styles.

I hope you liked this Renew The Old Crafting Gilmore Girls post! There will be many more to come because I just love this show so much!

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