Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: That Damn Donna Reed

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

“Donna Reed would not have forgotten the rolls. They are going to make me turn in my pearls.”


For my last Get That Look: Gilmore Girls Season 1, I wanted to include Rory’s outfit from the night she dressed to look like Donna Reed. In this episode, episode 14, Dean goes over to Rory’s house and finds himself watching the Donna Reed Show which includes a female character who is just the perfect image of house wife. A day or two passes and Dean and Rory get into an argument over a woman’s role as a wife and or homemaker. It ends in a spat, leaving Rory rather bothered that Dean would expect a wife to have a meal on the table the second he gets home from work. So she plans a Donna Reed night and holds it at Babette’s house where she is cat sitting little Apricot in hopes to help him understand her point of view.

The evening includes a homemade appetizer, dinner (minus the rolls), and a jello dessert… oh and of course a well dressed, oh-so-perfect looking housewife, aka Rory. In this scene, Rory is wearing a modest orange gingham dress with a large fluffy skirt, an apron, a string of pearls, a headband, and orange heels. She looks absolutely adorable but that does not stop Lorelai from teasing her about the get-up for DAYS!

Like Rory’s, this dress from the closet @msmjallday has an orange gingham print. Available in a size M by Maison Jules.

For the apron, I found this adorable vintage apron from the closet @fashionpopup.

I love this string of pearls from the closet @gigio3 to give that “‘50s housewife vibe.”

To match the pearl necklace, I chose this pearl bow headband from the closet @princesspear. Thankfully this headband is gorgeous because I could not find a orange bow headband to match this look for the life of me.

And for Rory’s heels, I chose these Prima Donna (coincidence I swear!) heels from the closet @pittierseller. Available in a size 6.5.

The complete look:

-Original cost $274+

-Poshmark $173

I hope you liked my last Get That Look: Gilmore Girls Season 1. Stay tuned for season 2 and let me know what you think in the comments!

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