Renew The Old • Crafting – Gilmore Girls: Love, Daisies and Troubadours

Renew the Old Crafting
Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

A Jar of 1000 Yellow Daisies

In the Season 1 finale of Gilmore Girls, Max and Lorelai are arguing when he says, “We should just get married!” Lorelai quickly scolds him, telling him that “a proposal has to be something more… there should be more… a thousand yellow daisies.” And here we are! Today’s Renew the Old Crafting post is all about Lorelai’s 1000 yellow daisies and the complete project can be given to someone to remind them that you love them…. kinda, almost, not really, a thousand yellow daisies.

This project has two parts!

Part One

The supplies part 1:

-Oui Yogurt Jar ($0)

-Mod Podge ($1) Target.

-Thousand Yellow Daisy Sticker ($10 for 24 Stickers) Etsy.

-Glue Stick ($2.50 for 10) Big Lots

-Scrapbook Paper Pack ($6) JoAnn’s.

***Total: $0 ($19.50 if I bought everything for the project)***

How to start:

Recycle the latest jar you have emptied and measure it’s circumference and height. Next pick your piece of scrapbook paper and measure out a piece to match your jar measurements, be sure to add a half inch of extra length to the circumference to allow overlap. In the middle of your paper place your sticker.

Use scissors and trim any hangover paper and then mark where the paper overlaps so you know where to apply the glue.

Apply the glue where the paper overlaps and hold it in place for a minute to allow the pieces to bond. This last step isn’t necessary but I chose to apply two layers of Mod Podge to the sticker to protect it over time.

The first half of the project is now complete:


Part 2

The supplies part 2:

-Glue Gun ($3.50 on clearance) Meijer.

-Glue Sticks ($4 for 50) Pat Catan’s.

-Daisy Silicone Mold $4.13 Amazon.

-Pipe Cleaners ($1.50) Meijer.

-Yellow Paint ($1) Pat Catan’s.

***Total: $4.13 ($14.13 if I bought everything for this part of the project)***

How to start:

Plug in your glue gun! While it is heating up, trim your pipe cleaners to a length that will fit your jar best. For me that was about the length of glue stick.

Once your glue gun is ready, start filling one of the flower molds with hot glue. *TIP: It will work best if you start from the edge and work your way to the center. If you are having trouble getting glue into the corners you can add a little extra near by and then gently hit the mold on the table to level the glue out.

As soon as you have filled the flower, place the pipe cleaner in the center and hold it for a few seconds while the glue cools.

Repeat these steps for multiple flowers. The amount of daisies you want to make is completely up to you. I chose to make 24.

Now it is time to paint the flowers! At first I tried using nail polish but the coverage was less than stellar so I chose to use acrylic paint instead and it covered substantially better, but did require two coats!

The complete project:

I hope you liked this Renew The Old Crafting Gilmore Girls post! There will be many more to come because I just love this show so much!

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