Renew the Old • Crafting: Gilmore Girls – Oy!

Renew the Old Crafting
Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

“Oy with the Poodles!” Leash Holder


If you are a Gilmore Girls fan, then you definitely know the catch phrase “Oy with the poodles already!” After all, Lorelai made up the phrase herself after explaining to her mother and Rory that “oy is the funniest word in the entire world…” that and the word poodle so put them together and you have the next big catch phrase. Today’s Renew The Old was inspired by this catch phrase and I have had this planned as personal project for over a year, as I say this catch phrase quite frequently!

The supplies:

-Glue Gun ($3.50) Meijer.

(You may have noticed in yesterday’s post that I switched glue guns half way through. I recently found this one on clearance and love that I can pick the temp and that it has a handy dandy kick stand!)

-Glue Sticks ($4 for 50) Pat Catan’s.

-Wooden Plaque $0.50 Goodwill.

-Dog Butt Hook $2.99 Ikea.

-Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive ($5) Ace Hardware.

-Sharpie White Paint Pen ($3) Pat Catan’s.

-Pink Paints ($2) Pat Catan’s.

***Total $3.50 ($20.99 if I bought everything for this project)***

How to start:

First, hold off on plugging in your glue gun! I started this project by applying the first layer of paint to the dog butt hook. It took about 3 thin coats to fully cover this hook, be sure to allow time for each coat to dry before applying the next.

While I waited for this to dry, I began working on writing the phrase on the plaque. I did free hand mine but ended up going back and touching it up with a ballpoint pen dipped in black paint. Now would be a good time to plug in your glue gun!

I set my glue gun on low temp so that I would have more control and fewer issues with the glue dripping from where I wanted it. I began to apply glue at the tip of the tail. I let a layer dry and then I would add another. Occasionally I would allow the glue to cool for a minute and I would mold it into more of a ball shape. The end goal for this part is to make the tip of the tail look as though it has been groomed like a stereotypical poodles tail.

After about three layers of hot glue the tail was how I wanted it so I moved onto the puff of fur around the legs. To do this I found it easiest to put glue on the back of my daisy silicone mold (you can do this with wax paper too), allow it to cool and then hold it around the foot of the hook and glue the ends together. Be sure to hold it in place until the glue cools.

On to painting the fluff! It took two or three coats to fully cover the hot glue. I also touched up a few areas on the hook while the fluff dried.

And the last step is applying the Gorilla Glue to the hook and then placing it on your plaque. Apply the glue on the center and only apply enough to cover the white piece of plastic.

Then press it firmly onto your plaque and cooper boom actually you have to allow it to cure for 24 hours… but once a day has passed you have a new, adorable, Gilmore Girls inspired dog leash holder!

I hope you liked this Renew The Old Crafting Gilmore Girls post! Believe it or not there are still many more to come because I am OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls!

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