Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Today’s Get That Look post is not inspired by Rory or Lorelai’s outfits, but rather the fact that they attended four, yes, FOUR thanksgiving meals all in one day and lived to tell about it in Season 3 Episode 9! In honor of their feat, I styled four outfits that are just perfect for thanksgiving. You may be wondering about Get That Look’s for season two, have no fear they will be here! I wanted to share these with you now so there is plenty of time for the items to arrive by thanksgiving!

Look One

– Original cost $248

-Poshmark $121

The first look has a olive green tunic sweater with a turtleneck from the closet @updatedbasics, available in a size S. The bottoms are size 6, American Eagle cream colored pants from the closet @cornershop_23. The super simple and cute shoes are Toms Desert Ankle Booties from the closet @stylishingbabe and are available in a size 9.5. The last piece to this look is my favorite of the entire post! This super cute and unique purse just screams fall and is available from the closet @pages_pins.

Lorelai and Rory’s first Thanksgiving meal was with Lane, Mrs. Kim and the extended Kim Family. Lorelai was less than thrilled to have eaten Tofurkey. Onto Thanksgiving dinner #2.

Look Two

-Original cost $223+

-Poshmark $107

This second also includes American Eagle pants, this olive green pair is available in a size 8 from the closet @diana2711. The J. Crew ivory, eyelet top is from the closet @thrifsinfashion, available in a size M. The super cute shoes are from the closet @sarahshockey829 bring the look together with the pinch of ivory fabric on the heels. Available in a size 7.5. And the last piece of this look is one my favorites as well! This beautiful necklace is available from the closet @birdgirlnow.

The Gilmore Girls next stop was Thanksgiving with Sookie and Jackson where things aren’t going how Sookie would like. Though, given that Jackson took control of the entire meal from his beautiful wife and chef, we are not too surprised Sookie is completely horrified by what has unfolded on her front lawn. While that turkey is deep fried, Lorelai and Rory move on to feast #3!

Look Three

-Original cost $287

-Poshmark $105

This look is catered to those celebrating in a warmer climate where sweater weather isn’t nearly as comfortable as it is in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. From the closet @makichaki, this Strut & Bolt longsleeve romper is just stunning with its rich colors. Available in a size L. The colors of the romper were so beautiful that I wanted them to be a part of every piece so I fell completely in love with these earrings from the closet @saccardi. And the last part of this look are the shoes! These Betsey Johnson wedge heels, available in a size 8.5 from the closet @lauras_boutique. Complete this look perfectly!

Luke is sure to keep the conversation light at the already awkward Thanksgiving with Jess, Rory, and Lorelai. Don’t worry, this Thanksgiving dinner was nowhere near as tense as dinner #4.

Look Four

-Original cost $195+

-Poshmark $122

This final look is super simple and cute! This burnt orange Xhilaration dress has a cute little ivory and blue flower print and is available in the size XXL from the closet @pacesdeals. I couldn’t believe it when I found these earrings from the closet @wendym198, they match the flowers on the dress perfectly! These shoes are by French Connection and tie in the orange with a cute little pointed toe, available in a size 9 from the closet @khenke1. In case it’s a tad chilly in your area for this look I thought adding a off- white cardigan like this and a belt around it at the waistline would complete this look perfectly!

Lorelai and Rory had their fourth and final meal with Richard and Emily where things went unsurprisingly sour when news broke that Rory applied to Yale. After this meal the girls head back to Stars Hollow where they catch up with Sookie where she is surprisingly happy!



Shortly Lorelai realizes they didn’t need to skip the rolls at each meal and are actually hungry so they pick some up from Luke’s before heading home to sleep off an inevitable food coma.

File Nov 22, 5 36 11 PM.gif

I hope you liked my Get That Look: Gilmore Girls Thanksgiving post. Stay tuned for season 2 and let me know what you think in the comments!

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