Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: You Two Are Together

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

“You’re the mother daughter team.”

The headmaster of Chilton has made it clear that Rory and Lorelai must become more involved and socialize with fellow Chilton students and parents – and they do just that in Episode 7 of Season 2. While Rory’s involvement with the Puffs leads to some trouble, Lorelai’s involvement with the fundraising committee is a hit! Lorelai quickly put together an event at the Independence Inn, where a fundraising fashion show would be held. Little did she know that she would end up on the runway with her mother in coordinating outfits, but she did! After the initial shock wears off, Lorelai dives headfirst into enjoying the moment with her mom.

Today’s Get That Look was inspired by this “Like Mother, Like Daughter” look. First we will start with Emily’s look which includes a red blazer with gold and black detail, black trousers, square gold earrings, a gold watch, and black pointed toe heels.


From the closet @theplayfulpeony, this St. John red and black Santana jacket is perfect with its gold buttons. Available in a size L.

For Emily’s jewelry, I chose these vintage square gold earrings from the closet  @thewipsygypsy and the watch is from the closet @ateleirsona.

From the closet @saltydaze, I chose these Style & Co black trousers. Available in a size 10.

And lastly for the Emily’s shoes, I chose these Stuart Weitzman pointed toe heels from the closet @thechicshackk. They are available in a size 6.

Emily’s complete look:

-Original cost $1156+

-Poshmark $358!!

Lorelai’s look is similar to her mother’s of course as they are THE mother-daughter team. Lorelai hits the runway in a red skirt suit with black and gold detail, black square toed shoes, a pearl necklace and earrings.


From the closet @regicarter40, this red skirt suit is PERFECT for this look! It is available in a size 4.

This pearl necklace from the closet @terriresa is also a perfect match to this look and they go well with these earrings from the closet @amberdeeeeee.

And as always, the shoes are the final touch of this look! From the closet @simplymelonie, these Cole Haan Nike Air black square toe heels are available in a size 7.

Lorelai’s complete look:

-Original cost $413+

-Pinterest $162

I hope you liked today’s Get That Look: Gilmore Girls! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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