Renew the Old • Crafting: Gilmore Girls – I Have A Dead Body Right In Front of My Store

Renew the Old Crafting

Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

“No, you have a chalk outline of a dead body right outside of your store”

Doose’s Market Grocery Tote

In Season 2, Episode 8, Jess infuriates Taylor Doose by leaving a chalk outline of a dead body right outside the market’s door. Of course the humor of Jess’ stunt is short lived after the town figures out he is the chalk artist and takes it out on Luke. This all leads to a huge argument at the town hall meeting. In honor of Taylor Doose and his many, many, many, many roles in Stars Hollow, I have dedicated this Renew the Old post to Doose’s Market.

The Supplies:

-Painter’s Tape ($3) Home Depot.

-Paint Brushes ($6 for multipack of 25) Pat Catan’s.

-Fabric Paint ($7.50) Walmart/Meijer/Michael’s.

-Cotton Grocery Tote $2 Pat Catan’s.

***Total $2 ($18.50 if I bought everything for this project)***

How to start:

The first step of this is applying the masking tape to the tote how you would like it. Since I want this tote to have Doose’s Market logo, I placed the tape to make a slice of pie.

Next, I applied my first layer of green paint with my sponge brush.

After allowing the first coat to dry I applied a second, repeated this process and applied a third and final coat. I let this dry completely overnight before beginning to work on the lettering. For the “Doose’S” lettering I started by just painting an outline of each of the letters in the bright green paint. I also went ahead and added bright green paint around the triangle.

I allowed this to dry most of the way and then I filled in the lettering for “Doose’S” with orange puffy paint. I did not show the orange puffy paint in the supplies picture because well I thought I needed red. Luckily, I noticed just in time to make the change!

I used my small paint brush to smooth out the paint as much as possible before moving on to adding the next word. For the word “MARKET,” I carefully free handed the orange paint and then used my paint brush to smooth it out into a similar font as the actual Doose’S sign.

The complete Doose’S Market Grocery Tote:

Overall I am happy with how this turned out. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so the fact the word “Doose’S” is off center is going to drive me a pinch insane… but given that I completely free handed the words it is not bad all. I look forward to whipping this bag out at Aldi and filling it to the brim with poptarts, YUM!

I hope you liked this Renew The Old Crafting Gilmore Girls post! Believe it or not there are still many more to come because I am OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls!

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