Renew the Old • Crafting – Gilmore Girls: I’m Not Jumping In The Lake

Renew the Old Crafting
Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

“No underwater dining, got it!”

A Picnic Basket, A-Tisket, A-Tasket!

Ah, yes, it is finally time for the Stars Hollow Annual Picnic Basket Auction in Season 2, Episode 13, and we couldn’t be more excited because Jess wins lunch with Rory.

Of course this was not how it was supposed to go. Dean was supposed to easily win the basket but, well, Jess. After a rather public blow up between Rory and Dean about Jess, Rory and Jess head off to have lunch together because the rules are the rules and Jess did outbid Dean.

Today’s renew the old was inspired by this event and my, oh my, I am in love with the results! Today I took an ordinary picnic basket and gave it some TLC to make it much more likely to be bid on.

The supplies:

-Glue Gun ($3) Joann’s.

-Glue Sticks ($4) Pat Catan’s.

-Mod Podge ($1) Target.

-Scrap Fabric (I have no clue #fabrichoarder)

-Scrapbook paper ($7) Tuesday Morning.

-Sponge Paint Brush ($8 for multi-pack) Pat Catan’s.

-Picnic Basket $5 Goodwill.

-Fabric Glue Sticks $3 Pat Catan’s.

***Total $8 ($31+ if I bought everything new for this project)***

How to start:

I began this project by lining the inside of the lid with scrapbook paper. The first step I took was placing it on top of the lid and using a pencil to trace under the paper so I could trim it to size.

After trimming the paper, I applied Tacky Glue (oops, left that off the supplies list! $1 from Meijer) to the inside of the basket lid.

I placed the paper on the glue and smoothed it out the best as I could. I then applied three layers of Mod Podge on top of the paper using my sponge brush to better protect it. Be sure to allow each layer of Mod Podge to dry before applying the next.

While this dried, I began working on adding a fabric rim to the basket. To do this the first step you need to take is measuring the circumference of the basket. Mine measured 28” so I cut my fabric into two pieces, each 14” long and 5” wide. Next, I applied the fabric glue using my old glue gun to the edge of the non-printed side of the fabric and then folded it over to make a clean edge. Do this to each edge of the fabric.

The next step was adding it to the basket. I applied normal hot glue to the edge of the fabric and placed it just past the handle of the basket and held it in place while the glue cooled.

I slowly continued this process all the way around to the other side of the basket until I got to the end of the fabric. I then took my second piece of fabric and repeated this process. This leaves a gap between the two pieces of fabric at the handles, allowing us to fold the fabric in. You can choose to glue down the fabric to the inside too, but eventually I want to line the inside of this basket so I just let it be for now.

Now, to close that gap between the fabric at the handle, I made two fabric bows! To do this I first trimmed two pieces of fabric to 7” by 7” and two pieces to “2 x 4” and repeated the process of gluing and folding in the edges to make clean lines.

As shown above, I then applied glue down the center of the 7” by 7” piece of fabric and folded one end onto the glue. I then repeated this process on the opposite side. This will make a rectangle. To pinch and hold this rectangle into a bow, I took the 2” x 4” pieces and glued one of the 2” ends on the middle of the back of the bow then wrapped the fabric tightly around it so that the other end would meet the first end and glued that end in place. Repeat this to make the second bow.

Copperboom, we now have bows! The final step is putting glue on the back of the bow and placing it on your basket at the end of the handles.

The completed Picnic Basket, A-Tisket, A-Tasket:

And the inside:

I also added another reference to this episode with help of quote from my Gilmore Girls sticker pack from Etsy.

I know this post may have been a bit difficult to follow but I hope you love the completed project as much as me! Fingers crossed the bidding goes in my favor 😉 Believe it or not there are still many more Renew the Old Crafting: Gilmore Girls post to come because I am obviously OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls!

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P.s. Since Jess mentions this during their picnic, I wanted to share another one of my favorite Jess moments!


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