Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: You’re Going To Be In The Moment

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

“Or the rest of the map gets it!”

Today’s Get That Look is inspired by my favorite Mother & Daughter duo’s first day at Yale! In season 4 episode 2, Lorelai helps Rory move into her dorm at Yale. It all starts with Lorelai borrowing Luke’s stick-shift truck to haul everything there, but there’s a catch. Lorelai can’t drive a stick, but she claims she can and this makes for quite the comical bickering between Luke and Lorelai throughout the episode. Once at Yale, Lorelai is the stereotypical mom and takes a picture of every first Rory experiences, like being welcomed to Yale by her RA.

Eventually Rory makes it to her dorm, they unlock the door and find sticky notes on each room with the initials of the roommates on them. They find R.G. and walk into her room for the first time – how exciting! Except Rory is too focused on her Yale map so Lorelai forces her out of the dorm and makes her put away the map to see it for the first time again.

In this episode Rory is wearing a coral collared shirt, jeans, and army green shoes. Quite simple for her first day at Yale! Lorelai is wearing a black and brown striped top, a black hoodie, jeans, wedge heels, diamond stud earrings, and a four leaf clover necklace.


-Original cost $346

– Poshmark $65

From the closet @saracle, this coral Lilly Pulitzer shirt is nearly identical to Rory’s. Available in a size M.

For Rory’s jeans, I chose a pair of Blue Cult pocketless bottoms from the closet @sadiegostacey. Available in a size 28.

And for Rory’s shoes I chose a army green pair of Converse from the closet @keller6728. These are available in size 8.

Rory’s Complete Look:


-Original cost $412+

-Poshmark $200

For Lorelai’s black and brown striped top I found a nearly identical top from the closet @vcavallo28. Available in a size S.

I chose a this black hoodie from the closet @bearika and is available in a size S.

Like Lorelai’s earrings, these sterling silver crystal studs are available from the closet @kalieghcrowe and for her necklace this silver four leaf clover necklace will do for this look from the closet @hunterbrieanne.

Lorelai paired her shirt and hoodie with a pair of jeans, similar to these Madewell jeans from the closet @jennbolender. Available in a size 27.

Let’s not forget her crossbody purse! Available from the closet @designrcloset, this army green crossbody Shein purse is incredibly similar to Lor’s!

And lastly Lorelai’s shoes! From my own closet, @antiquamrenopm, these Franco Sarto wedge heel sandals are perfect to complete this look! Available in a size 6.5.

Lorelai’s Complete Look:

I hope you liked today’s Get That Look: Gilmore Girls! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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P.s. This is the last week for Get That Look: Gilmore Girls! So I will be narrowing down my favorite looks for the rest of season 4 through season 7 to fit the best in before December 1st!


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