Get That Look • Gilmore Girls: I’m Surprised Luke Can Waltz

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Gilmore Girls

“Well it sounded more like “I’m surprised I still have my clothes on.””

In the season 4 finale, Lorelai, Sookie, and Michelle open the Dragonfly Inn for a test run and it was oh so exciting! I think this episode makes me actually LOL more than any other. From Lorelai tripping and knocking everything off a table at Luke’s, to walking into a door at the Inn, to Kirk running across the screen holding a pillow over his naked self. I just can’t help but laugh each time I watch this episode. Onto the many, many events that happen in this episode. Luke and Lorelai share their first kiss *eeeeeeek*, the test run goes fairly smoothly, and lastly Rory cashes in her v-card with…. Dean… while he is still married to Lindsay. Yep. That happened.

Today’s Get That Look was inspired by the many events that happened to the Gilmore Girls this episode. Before Rory’s events of the evening she is wearing a pink dress with a pink short sleeve cardigan. We don’t see her in this outfit with shoes so I will pick a pair that I think go well.

I chose this Charlotte Russe dress from the closet @lillianelizabeth. This dress isn’t exactly like Rory’s but it reminded me of it so much and I think is combines her dress with the ivory lace camisole she is wearing under it really well. It is available in a size L.

For Rory’s cardigan I chose this Express pink chevron cardigan that ties around the waist. It has that hint of sparkle like Rory’s and the deep pink from her dress in the show. Available in a size M from the closet @lindsaytam. *cough cough*

For Rory’s shoes I chose the cutest Sam Edelman flats from the closet @justeeposhing. Available in a size 10.

Rory’s complete look:

-Original cost $114+

-Poshmark $61

During Lorelai’s first kiss with Luke she is wearing a green collared blouse with a large blue flower brooch, a chevron skirt, and nude heels. The outfit I put together for this look isn’t as exact as usual but I do love it and it still reminds me or Lorelai’s!

Like Lorelai’s top, this green Ann Taylor top has ¾ length bell sleeves. Available in a size S from the closet @jteach102.

On Lorelai’s shirt she has a large blue flower, just like this vintage blue flower pin from the closet @panzy77.

For Lor’s chevron skirt I fell in love with the brown Ann Taylor pleated skirt that has a blue and green embroidered design. Available in a size 6 from the closet @classyfashion.

And lastly, the shoes! These Sam Edelman cream heels work perfectly to complete this look from my own closet @antiquamrenopm. Available in a size 9.

Lorelai’s complete look:

-Original cost $304+

-Poshmark $120

Find my closet on Poshmark @antiquamrenopm! First time using the Poshmark app? Use the referral code ANTIQUAMRENOPM for $5 off your first order from any closet!

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P.s. Join me in laughing my butt off at Kirk!


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