Get That Look: Ugly Holiday Sweaters

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

Today’s Get That Look is quite straightforward, these outfits are all about that UGLY SWEATER! I scrolled through the many, many, many ugly sweaters on Poshmark and picked three that inspired me to put together complete looks.

The First Look:

I have one question for this first look, are those scottie dogs or are they goats?!? The world will never know. One second I see scottie dogs, the next I see goats. Maybe this sweater is the next blue & black or white & gold dress? Either way, it makes for a great conversation piece at any ugly sweater party and is available in a size 18 from the closet @kpach. To go with this sweater I chose white pants from the closet @mcmoharry93 and is also available in a size 18. And lastly, to complete this look I chose these red and black snow boots from the closet @lbook89, available in various sizes.

-Original cost $190

-Poshmark $145

The Second Look:

This sweater, well, it’s… a whole lot of primary colors trying to make a decent piece of clip art? How would you describe it? It is available from the closet @lexiframness in a size M. To go with this top, I chose bright blue Brooks Brothers pants from the closet @ooolalaala, available in a size 8. And for the final part of this look, I hose yellow Hunter wellies from the closet @poashswitch. Available in a size 9.

-Original cost $179+

-Poshmark $179

The Third Look:

This gray sweater from the closet @hippiechickgirl in a size S and it is, uhm, unique. I am not quite sure why Santa’s face is gray? Like is he wearing an invisible face mask from the North Pole Spa? Again, we will never know. To go with this sweater I chose these super cute red pants that have a white print on them that remind me of snowflakes. Available in a size 29 from the closet @vidaenchihuahua. Let’s not forget the holly jolly white faux fur boots from the closet @native_newyorke and are available in a size 8.

-Original cost $238

-Poshmark $140

Are you going to an ugly sweater party this holiday season? Which look would you pick?

I hope you liked today’s Get That Look! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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