Renew The Old • Crafting: Starbucks Stir Stick Ornament

Renew the Old Crafting

Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

Starbucks Stir Stick Ornament

If you are a fan of Starbucks, I assume you have heard that they plan to eliminate plastic straws by the year 2020. While this is a step in the right direction, the replacement, strawless lids is still plastic, and is it going to be recyclable? I was hoping to read so in this article from Starbucks but they didn’t say. Either way, I can’t help but wonder about their plastic stir sticks… They do serve two purposes both for stirring your coffee and as a plug for hot beverages, but my question is, what can they be used for after their original use so that they don’t get thrown out and make it out to sea? Well, I have come up with at least one idea! I saved my Starbucks stir sticks for the last few months so I have plenty to use to make many of these adorable ornaments.

The Supplies:

-Hot Glue Gun

-Glue Sticks

-Pipe Cleaners

-Yellow Pompoms

-Small Clothes Pin


-Reused Starbucks Stir Stick

I chose not to include a total for this project as everything I am using I have had for quite some time and honestly can’t remember where most of it came from or how much it originally cost. All of these items can be found at your local craft store, except for the Starbucks stir stick!

How to Start:

First, save any stir sticks used in for your Starbucks beverage (please don’t go to Starbucks and snag a few for this project, let’s recycle). Once you have collected as many as you wish to use, plug in your glue gun. While you wait for it to heat up, start trimming your pipe cleaners from 5 inches to 1 inch. When your glue gun is ready, place glue on the stick and carefully add pipe cleaners from the bottom to the top of the stir stick. You will want to place the pipe cleaners in the order of smallest to largest. Once you have covered this side, allow the glue to dry, flip it over and do that same thing on the other side.

Allow the glue to dry before using scissors to trim the pipe cleaners into the stereotypical tree shape. I suggest doing this over a piece of paper or trash can for easy clean up.

Now that the tree is made, it is time to move onto the smaller details. I applied hot glue to the open clothes pin and placed it on the top of the tree, clipping it over the pipecleaner. I then placed a small amount of hot glue onto the clothes pin and placed the “star” (yellow pompom) on it. I allowed this to cool and then applied one on the other side as well. After all the glue had dried I strung a string through the clothes pin’s spring and tied a knot so the string would stay.

The completed project:

I decided it would be fun to make these in different colors too!

I hope you liked this first Renew The Old: Crafting post! I would love to see your Starbucks Stir Stick Ornaments so send the pictures on over or be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquamrenovare!

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