Get That Look • Holiday Movies: Elf

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Elf

My new Get That Look series is going to on holiday movies! As many people do, I have fond memories of watching holiday movies non-stop in December when I was little, and now that my daughter is four the tradition is slowly beginning again. I am really excited to start this series and for my first post I have chosen my favorite holiday movie, Elf!

Today’s get that look is going to focus solely on Buddy the Elf who was played wonderfully by Will Ferrell. This first look is very straight to the point. Anyone could see you in the outfit and know you dressed to look like Buddy.

The top for this look is a “ugly” sweater version of Buddy’s elf jacket. It is available in a size S from the closet @thecashmeregirl. To go with this sweater and to represent Buddy’s yellow tights, I have chosen these yellow jeans from the closet @emmyandellie.. And now we need elf shoes, while Buddy’s have the stereotypical uplifted tips as elf shoes do, I have chosen these White House Black Market Black pointed toe boots in their place. Available from the closet @vlynntreasures in a size 7.

-Original cost $48+ (this is just for the pants!)

-Poshmark $89 for the entire look!

This second look is much more abstract but it definitely gives off Buddy the Elf vibes! The first piece for this look is from the closet @bossladyresale and it is an elf green Anthropologie cardigan available in the size XS. To be worn under it, I chose this yellow camisole from the closet @dogmamabling.

And to bring in that bit of white fur lining from Buddy’s collar and cuffs, I have chosen this faux fur white scarf from the closet @poshbosslady26. If you want to add a belt to the look, the closet @ameliassister has a super cute one!

For the bottom half of this look, I chose these yellow Lucky Brand pants work perfectly with this cardigan and camisole, available from the closet @maeamore in a size 4.

And lastly the shoes! I chose another pair of black pointed toe boots to complete this look. These are available from the closet @ivegonemod in a size 7.5.

The complete look:

-Original cost $320

-Poshmark $193

I hope you liked my first post for this new series Get That Look: Holiday Movies. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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P.s. This is totally me!


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