Renew The Old • Crafting: Ugly Sweater Gift Card Holder

Renew the Old Crafting

Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

Ugly Sweater Gift Card Holders

After putting together my Get That Look: Ugly Holiday Sweaters post I had the idea to make miniature ugly sweaters and use them as a way to present gift cards this holiday season. I liked the outcome so much I thought I would share the process with you all.

The Supplies:

-Felt (any color will do)

-Fabric Paint

-Glue Gun

-Glue Sticks (fabric glue sticks or traditional glue sticks)



How to start:

Plug in that glue gun! While my glue gun warmed up I placed a card on the felt and traced a sweater shape around it to make sure the card would fit in the sweater at the end. I haven’t purchased any gift cards yet so I used my Pat Catan’s Club card.

I then cut it out and used it as a template to cut out a second one exactly like it.

The next step is using your hot glue gun to apply the glue to one of the sweaters edges. Do NOT glue the top of the sweater. Place the second piece on top and make sure the edges line up.

For this project you do not have to wait for the glue to dry before moving on to making a design on one side of the sweater. I chose to use puffy fabric paint to decorate mine but you can use just about anything to decorate yours. Dry pasta, glitter, pompoms, pipe cleaners, beads, markers, etc. The end goal is to make a ugly sweater so just have fun with it.

The complete project:

I hope you liked this first Renew The Old: Crafting post! I would love to see your Ugly Sweater Gift Card Holders so send the pictures on over or be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquamrenovare!

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