Renew the Old • Crafting: Elf Spaghetti Ornament

 Renew the Old Crafting

Creating something new with recycled, old, or ordinary items.

Elf Spaghetti Ornament

Today’s Renew the Old Crafting post has been inspired by the movie Elf just like last night’s Get That Look! One of my favorite scenes of this movie is when Buddy the Elf is eating with his family and he pulls a bottle of syrup out of his pocket and adds it to his spaghetti. The next morning he lovingly makes his step-mom, Emily, a batch to take to work with her. She thanks him while holding back as much disgust in her voice as possible. Shortly after we see this scene where Buddy makes his own batch of spaghetti except instead of just adding maple syrup, he also adds M&Ms, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, PopTarts, and more!

…yum! For this crafting project I am recreating a miniature version of Buddy’s spaghetti and making it into a ornament.

The supplies:

-Sheet of white foam

-Pasta or Yellow yarn

-Pipe cleaners or Beads or Mini M&Ms

-Brown and Gold paint


-Glue gun and Glue sticks

-Anything circular to trace


How to start:

I started by making my plate first. I used a white foam sheet to do this. I chose a lid and a small cup to trace the circles I needed to help me form a nice looking plate. I traced my silver lid twice and cut out two circles and then used the cup to trace and center the circle in one. I then cut out that circle to make a hoop. THis will act as the raised edge of my plate. Next I hot glued the two pieces together and then glued a string on the back so later I can hang it on my tree. Just to be safe I added foam onto the glue and string for more strength.

For this project I would suggest using yellow yarn as the spaghetti if you have it on hand. I didn’t have solid yellow yard but since my family thrives on pasta I decided to use real spaghetti! I boiled my pasta and formed it into a ball in the size I needed to cover the majority of my plate. Using pasta adds a lot of time to this project because you need to allow it time to dry and harden before attaching it to the plate.

However, while I waited I made my toppings. I clipped tiny pieces of pipe cleaners to act as my (fuzzy) M&Ms, you can also use beads or actual M&Ms. Then I used leftover white foam and trimmed it into little rectangles aka marshmallows. The last topping I made was a broken up PopTart. To do this I used leftover foam and made a rectangle and then cut it up. I then used a gold Sharpie to make a gingerbread crust on it and red and green glitter gel pens to add sprinkles.

Once my pasta was dry, I hot glued it to the top of my plate. I then used my puffy fabric paint to drizzle gold glitter “syrup” and brown “chocolate syrup” onto my pasta. While the paint was wet I sprinkled my marshmallows and chocolate candies on top and gently placed my PopTart pieces on as well. Be sure to set this aside to dry before hanging it on your tree.

The completed Elf Spaghetti Ornament:

I was really nervous this ornament wouldn’t turn out since I didn’t have yarn or beads but I think it is really cute! Note that once I placed this ornament on my tree, I decided I liked it sitting on the branches rather than hanging.

I hope you liked this first Renew The Old: Crafting post! I would love to see your Buddy the Elf inspired ornaments so send the pictures on over or be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquamrenovare!

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