Renew the Old • Home Decor: Snowman Basket Transformation

Renew the Old: Home Decor

Bringing new life and color to ordinary or old home items.

Snowman Basket Transformation

Last night’s Get That Look: Holiday Movies focused on Frosty and I thought why not keep the snowman theme alive and complete a project on my list! My sister gave me this basket to revamp how I see fit. At first I was going to turn into a pumpkin and then I thought, maybe Santa? Finally I decided on a snowman! In my house we LOVE the snow because Elsa it’s so pretty and also Elsa fun to play in. On to today’s Renew the Old!

The Supplies:

-A basket, any basket will do. If you don’t have one but want to transform one, Goodwill has you covered.

-White and Red paint

-Paint Sponge and brush

-3 black buttons

-Glue gun and sticks

How to start:

This Renew the Old is rather simple. I started by painting the majority of the basket white, only leaving the trim / edge alone. I didn’t not put on a thick layer of paint or multiple layers of paint because I liked being able to see the wood grain.

I let the white paint dry and then painted the trim bright red as if it were a scarf and while that paint dried I cut off three black buttons from an old coat that was not revivable and used my glue gun to apply them. I avoided putting glue on the center of the button so that it wouldn’t ooze out of the holes once I placed it.

The completed snowman basket:

I absolutely love how this turned out and I am so glad I chose to make it a snowman, this way it won’t look out of place in January as a Santa basket would have.

I hope you liked this Renew The Old: Home Decor post! I would love to see your basket makeovers so send the pictures on over or be sure to tag us on Instagram @antiquamrenovare!

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