Get That Look: Christmas Pajamas

Get That Look
Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Christmas Morning

Today’s get that look is all about those super cute and cozy christmas pajamas we wake up in christmas morning and sit around the tree with our families while presents are opened. I have chosen some of the cutest Christmas pajamas on Poshmark in 9 different sizes to share with you in this post. Let’s get to ‘em!

Size XS

I saw these pjs and couldn’t scroll past them! They are so cute and I absolutely love the “bear bottom” flap on the booty. Available from the closet @bluejeanbaby67.

Size S

Grab your favorite blanket and wrap up with a cup of hot chocolate while you rock these Wildfox reindeer pjs while you and your partner exchange gifts Christmas morning. Available from the closet @kjansy.

Size M

I absolutely love these blue Nick&Nora pajamas with Santa and his reindeer flying over a town glowing in Christmas lights. Available from the closet @shopyajahira.

Size L

And this four piece pajama set is too perfect not to include! It has a matching top, shorts, socks, and hat and they are super cozy looking! Available from the closet @kittylou.

Size XL

If you are a kitty cat loving lady these holiday pjs are for you, just don’t get your tinsel in a tangle is someone wants to steal them from you! Available from the closet @arieanamariee.

Size XXL

Instead of getting tangled in tinsel, get tangled in lights! These blue pjs will bring light to your early morning present opening shenanigans as they will make you appear to be wrapped in lights, how fun?! Available from the closet @maddagirl.

Size 1X

I love the super soft pajama bottoms that go to this set. They have super cute little forest creatures on them, love love love! Available from the closet @jpicone61.

Size 2X

Deer me! These pjs are super cute and super punny! Available from the closet @lilspurrrfect.

Size 3X

And the last christmas pajamas for this post are so fun and cute and may even bring you back to your childhood, oh who are we kidding, there is no age limit for Hello Kitty! Available from the closet @820lei.

I hope you liked this Get That Look post! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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