Get That Look: New Year’s Eve

Get That Look

Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: New Years Eve

Today’s Get That Look is my last holiday post for the year! It is inspired by New Year’s Eve and is all about sequins! There is just something about New Year’s Eve celebrations that pushed me to include sequins in each look, maybe it’s the twinkling lights? The confetti? The fireworks? Wherever the inspiration came from I am thankful for it because I love these sparkly looks. Let’s get to them!

Look 1

This look includes one key piece and that is this multicolor, striped Express jumpsuit from the closet @dakotaroze1992 and is available in a size L. To go with this jumpsuit, I chose this simple clear clutch from the closet @modablacklabel and these Nine West black shoes with clear heels from the closet @trinashop1, available in a size 9.5.

-Original cost $223+

-Poshmark $217

Look 2

For this look I went with lighter colors. This light pink dress has a gold and silver chevron design, is just lovely, and available in a size M from the closet @jonesy_love. I paired these simple pink heels from the closet @highmaint85 with the dress, available in a size 6. And lastly, these BEAUTIFUL earrings from the closet @studioseaglass just had to be a part of this look.

-Original cost $75

-Poshmark $34

Look 3

There is something about gold and black together that just seems classic, so when I saw this skirt from the closet @glamchic123 I knew I had to include it in this post! I love the way this simple black keyhole shirt, from the closet @vozx, looks with this skirt. Both are available in the size 1X. The last piece of this look are these sparkly Chinese Laundry gold shoes from the closet @marielys15, available in a size 7.5.

-Original cost $33+ (That’s just the skirt!)

-Poshmark $134

Look 4

This final look is my favorite of the four! The first piece of this look is this black sequin tank with a red sequin NYC apple and skyline silhouette. It is available from the closet @tinkerstyle in a size small. In case you are in Times Square and want to keep warm in style, I matched this tank with this super fluffy red faux fur coat from the closet @loveclothesmc. For the bottoms, I chose these black skinny jeans from the closet @queensa, available in a size 27 waist. And, of course, lastly we have to have the shoes! These red Jessica Simpson shoes with chrome heels are just what I was looking for and are available from the closet @poshsalesgirl.

-Original cost $286+

-Poshmark $188


I hope you liked this Get That Look post! Let me know what you think in the comments.

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