Get That Look: Powerpuff Girls

Get That Look

Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Powerpuff Girls


Today’s Get That Look is inspired by another ‘90s cartoon, the Powerpuff Girls! If you haven’t met the Powerpuff Girls, they are kindergarten age girls living in Townsville, USA and often save the day using their super powers. Blossom is always seen in pink, Bubbles in blue, and Buttercup in green!



I always thought Blossom could pull off the “I’m too cute to cause chaos” so well with all the pink and her big bow. For Blossom’s look I am going to start at the top with her big red bow! I found this perfect red bow from the closet @lael81. I chose this pretty and preppy pink dress from the closet @cableknitcloset, available in a size L. To complete Blossom’s look, I have chosen these black mary jane pumps from the closet @mlemus921, available in a size 7.



When I was little Bubbles was my favorite because of her fun name and her cute pigtails! For her look I chose this black and blue Kensie dress from the closet @kpach, available in a size XS. Bubbles’ look is pretty simple, so all that is needed now is another pair of mary jane style pumps. These are available from the closet @100newdaily.



Oh, Buttercup! I always saw her as the most badarse of the Powerpuff girls. Like Bubbles, Buttercup’s look is fairly simple. I chose this green and black New York & Company dress from the closet @hitchnersisters, available in a size 2, and of course I paired it with yet another pair of mary jane heels! These shoes are available in a size 7.5 from the closet @johnandedy.

I hope you enjoyed my first Get That Look post of the New Year! Let me know what you think in the comments!



P.s. I started a new blog series called Closet Spotlight! If you would like your Poshmark closet to be featured click here.


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