Get That Look: Little Red Riding Hood

Get That Look

Styled for Her by Me from Poshmark Closets.

Inspiration: Little Red Riding Hood written by Dubravka Kolanovic

Today’s Get That Look is inspired by the well known fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood! As a little girl I never understood how the little girl was so unobservant… or how her parents could send her to walk to her Grandmother’s alone. And then there is the obvious – the wolf looked nothing like grandma and there’s no way grandma survived being swallowed by the wolf. I guess I was quite the skeptical kid! Either way, this classic tale has been told by many, and therefore altered from time to time but at least two details have always stayed the same: the little girls red hooded cape, and the wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood

I’ll be honest, today’s outfit found me! This story was not on my radar to use in this blog series but then I saw this Nasty Gal red dress with a built in cape. It literally popped out at me from the Poshmark app. This dress is available from the closet @meganjbrooks in a size S. Of course, Little Red Riding Hood needs a basket to carry the treats to her grandmother and the closet @sdoleary has the perfect little basket purse! Lastly, we need shoes and of course they have to be cute (and therefore not exactly appropriate to walk all the way to Grandmother’s house in). Available from the closet @sunny_threads, these red pointed toe Vince Camuto flats compliment the dress flawlessly. Available in a size 6.

The Wolf

How in the heck am I going to come up with a look for the wolf? Well, to be fair, I have not put together a look that makes you look like an actual wolf. The first piece of this look is this ivory top with a beautiful wolf on the front. Available in a size M from the closet @a2ndhandhome. To compliment the colors of this top, I have chosen these gray floral embroidered skinny jeans from the closet @jopalooza, available in a size 8. For the shoes I choose these simple black Toms from the closet @brittanyohay, available in a size 10. If you want to avoid having too much of a wolf vibe, I would pair a floral print hat or jacket to this look.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Get That Look post! Let me know what you think in the comments!


P.s. I started a new blog series called Closet Spotlight! If you would like your Poshmark closet to be featured click here.


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