Mini Closet Spotlight: Stiniekins09 & ModernDayGlam

Mini Closet Spotlight
Sharing Poshmark Closets and Putting Seller’s Items in the Spotlight

This week I will be focusing on Mini Closet Spotlights. These will be shorter, less in depth spotlights than my normal Closet Spotlight series. Normally, the subjects of each spotlight will have filled out this form so I’ll have more personal information to share. However, for the Minis I’m choosing the closets myself, so I don’t have much more information than what I can see from their Poshmark closets.

For this first series of Mini Closet Spotlights I will be sharing closets by sellers who are affected by the US government shutdown. I was inspired to do this by TheDealQueen on Instagram who shared a list of various closets who could use some extra love during the shutdown.

Mini Spotlight 1

The first closet I am going to share today is @Stiniekins09. The seller, Christine, works in the Department of Agriculture. From her closet I chose this Free People pink cowl neck top, available in a size S. I paired it with this denim button down pencil skirt, available in size 4. And to complete this look I chose these simple pink Cole Haan slip on shoes, available in a size 8.

Mini Spotlight 2

The next closet I am featuring today is @moderndayglam. This seller works in the department of justice and is currently pregnant. From her closet I chose this rockin’ black Metallica shirt with pink print, available in a size M. I paired it with these Frame Denim gray jeans, available in a size 6. I completed this look with a pair of black high top Vans, available in a size 9.

I hope you enjoyed these Mini Closet Spotlights! Be sure to show these closets some love by following them and sharing their closets. They may just become your newest PFFs!


~If you would like your closet to be featured in the blog series Closet Spotlight please fill out this form. Thank you!~


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